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Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

KEY #12 - Success Require No Secrets

Well, if you're following me from the beginning till now, you've gone through all the 11 keys to success. This is the final key, Success Require No Secrets. If you've gone through all the 11 keys with me, you will know that you already have all the resources to success. To achieve success, it requires no secrets, but hard work and time.

To be successful, you've need to love what you do. If you want to make money from blogging, then you will have to love to blog. The power of love is much bigger than you can ever expect. Only when you love to do your work, you can do it better. If you hate to success, then do you think that you can success? That will be impossible. For example, when you love some one, you are willing to do whatever it takes to be together with him or her. This is the same in pursuing your goals to success.

After you've read all these keys to success, you have a choice to make decision. You can choose whether to work harder towards your goals, or you can choose to remain the same. The choice is in your hand. No matter what choices you made, you will still making a choice. What I mean here is even if you choose not to make any decision; you still making a choice aren't you. Therefore, in our lives, we always have a choice. This is because we can control our thinking.

The significance about controlling our thinking is that we can make things changes. Mindset is the most valuable assets that everyone can have. It is not why some people are far richer than you because they have much more money. It is because the mindset they have is different from yours. Mindset determines everything in our lives, the things we do, our behavior, our thinking, everything. Therefore you need to know how to take charge of your mind.

Success require no secrets, it is all about mindset. You see, if you want to become a Millionaire, you can purchase books that teach you how to make more money step by step. But after reading the book, and after you implement all the techniques taught in the book, you still are not making any money. However, for some people, after they read and implement the techniques, they do make a lot of money from it. Why? Because the mindset is different. You can have a book that teaches you from beginning until the end on how to become a Millionaire; however who knows whether you will give up in the half way? Thus it is the mindset that is more important, often, "why" is more crucial than "how". If you know "why" you want to success, then no matter "how" hard it will be, nothing can ever stop you.

The moment you know why you want to success, you will somehow come up with some plan and strategies to achieve it. Like the famous saying, 'when there is a will, there is a way'. Hence, if you want to success, just focus on creating a will.

These are the 12 KEYS TO SUCCESS, if you miss out any of these keys, you can always have them here. Wishing you good luck and all the best, to your success.

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