100 Why We do Questions to Answer

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Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Let us have an interesting question in our life!
Have a look at our life retrospectively!
Did you ever think about what you thought and said?
Do we think about our previous thoughts and deeds?
Do you feel that you had insulted somebody?
Do you feel that you had made miseries and sufferings to others by your words?
Did you ever repent about the happenings in your life?
Do you think that you had behaved rudely to your friends and relatives?

If we go on thinking like that, a series of questions will come to your mind.
Every day, we are reading, Studying, attending classes, listening to Self-help talks, searching for tips & tools to become better persons in our life and also about how to change our habits and behaviors. If we really observe our life and the life of others and also the life and behavior of persons who teach and preach all good motivational and inspirational things in life, we can actually find that the real change in everybody is very, very minimum and we can also find that some behaviors cannot be changed by any means.

In this connection, I had analyzed my own life and also the life of others and would like to ask the following questions to myself and to others also. Would you please go through the following questions in life which are very relevant in connection with How & Why we should change our life. Here I have presented ‘100 Why We do These Things’ Questions. Actually, you can see that each question is a big topic for introspection, reading, writing, searching & finding appropriate answers and practicing it in our day to day life.

Have a look at the following Interesting Questions
1. Why we are not Affectionate?
2. Why we hate each Other?
3. Why we are not Sympathetic?
4. Why we are not Confident?
5. Why we always watch TV & Internet?
6. Why we are not Fascinated?
7. Why we are not Passionate?
8. Why we are not Grateful?
9. Why we are not Optimistic?
10. Why we get trapped in Mind Traps?
11. Why we are Unhappy?
12. Why we are not Humorous?
13. Why don’t we Smile?
14. Why we cry Suddenly?
15. Why we are not Motivated?
16. Why we are not Peaceful?
17. Why we are Restless?
18. Why we are not Relaxing?
19. Why we are Afraid?
20. Why we are Anxious?
21. Why we are Tensed?
22. Why we are Puzzled?
23. Why we are Forgetting?
24. Why we are Panic?
21. Why we are Tensed?
25. Why we don’t trust Others?
26. Why we become Violent?
27. Why we are Annoyed?
28. Why we are Frustrated?
29. Why we are Impatient?
30. Why we are Irritated?
31. Why we are Disgusted?
32. Why we are Angry?
33. Why we are Hostile?
34. Why we Lie?
35. Why we are Confused?
36. Why we are Indifferent?
37. Why we are Bored?
38. Why we are Agitated?
39. Why we are Alarmed?
40. Why we like Adultery?
41. Why we dislike our Spouse?
42. Why we break our Relationship?
43. Why we are not Sincere?
44. Why we are Stressed?
45. Why we are Ashamed?
46. Why we are Greedy?
47. Why we are Selfish?
48. Why we like Drinking?
49. Why we like Smoking?
50. Why we are interested in Sex?
51. Why we look at a Beautiful Lady?
52. Why we quarrel with Children?
53. Why we fight with Friends?
54. Why we are in Agony?
55. Why we are Miserable?
56. Why we feel Lonely?
57. Why we are Sadistic?
58. Why we are Depressed?
59. Why we are Gloomy?
60. Why we feel Helpless?
61. Why we are Aggressive?
62. Why we are Sensitive?
63. Why we are after Luxury?
64. Why we are Humiliated?
65. Why we become Emotionless?
66. Why we are not Content?
67. Why we are not Comfortable?
68. Why we are Jealous?
69. Why we are Possessive?
70. Why we are Desirous?
71. Why we are Suspicious?
72. Why we feel Unworthy?
73. Why we are Thinking?
74. Why we are Revengeful?
75. Why we feel Foolish?
76. Why we are Romantic?
77. Why we are after Money?
78. Why we are Egoistic?
79. Why we are Guilty?
80. Why we are Upset?
81. Why we Wonder?
82. Why we are Frightened?
83. Why we are Suffering?
84. Why we Day - Dream?
85. Why we feel Insecure?
86. Why we like Gossiping?
87. Why we are Partial?
88. Why we are Overambitious?
89. Why we like Nudity?
90. Why we ignore Others?
91. Why we think Negatively?
92. Why we are Absent- Minded?
93. Why do we Bribe?
94. Why do we cheat Others?
95. Why do we like Flattery?
96. Why do we insult Others?
97. Why we are not Forgiving?
98. Why we are Devoted?
99. Why we believe in Belief?
100.Why we are not really Spiritual?

Hope, the above questions had really stimulated your thinking and you will get more insights, vision & wisdom in life. Expecting more contributions and suggestions in this connection.

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