10 Secrets for Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Below are 10 secrets for success. These are a surveyed result of a number of successful people, to find out what they have in common in achieving success. The result is a set of 10 success strategies, which can be applied by anyone who wants success in what they set out to accomplish. First you should ask yourself how many of these success actions you are actually doing today. If you feel that you could have been more successful, then try out some - if not all - of them, practice them, then see if you become more successful.

Success requires you to find out what your real dreams or goals are
To achieve success it is important to be as specific and detailed about your goals as possible. For example, say "I will increase my income with $1,000 next moth," instead of "I would like to increase my income." You must create a detailed action plan to reach your goals successfully, and then follow it.

Success requires positive thinking
This has been said so many times that most people are tired of hearing it. Nevertheless, most of us don't do it regularly. Always think positive thoughts, try to visualize success as much as possible, stay away from any thought about failure. Also stay away from negative people.You act as you think. You are as you act.

Never compromise the truth - Successful people have high integrity
If you want success, then stay away from cheating or lying. Stick to your promises. When you make a mistake never hesitate to admit it. Successful people need not be ashamed to tell the truth.

Success requires action, action and more action
Successful people never make goals for putting them in a drawer. Every end goal should be a detailed action plan. Goals without action will never be achieved successfully. Take courage. Do it! Now!

Never stop acquiring new knowledge
Learning is vital for success in whatever you try to accomplish. Read books, take e-courses, go back to school, take classes and seminars, join discussion groups, etc. If you are interested in a subject or need a deeper knowledge about it, then get it. Try to continually acquire new skills and do what it takes to learn them. Successful people do.

To become successful you need patience, persistence and hard work
Successful poeple Always keep their eyes on their goal. If you want to be successful work hard toward your goals. Never, never, ever give up!

If you want success, then put all the facts you need on the table
If successful people don't have the facts they need they search for them until they have all their questions answered. The more relevant facts you have about an issue, the more successful and wiser your decisions will be. Use your mistakes as your best way of learning. Then you will surely succeed.

Stay focused on what you think is important
Successful people put their full attention to what is important and don't let other people distract them. If you want success, then do the same.

If you want success, be creative and different
People that follow the crowd belong to the mediocrity. Successful people don't. Be true to yourself, and develop your own thoughts and ideas. Then you'll succeed.

To be successful, you must develop your communication skills
Successful people are clear and honest in their communication with others. Thus they encourage others to do the same. If you want to succeed, practice understanding other people before you expect them to understand you, and you'll succeed.

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