10 Proven Ways To Be Happy

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Achieving a happy life should be the goal of all people. The level of happiness depends up the kind of expectations, personalities and life experiences. There are people who find happiness in their careers, but some will not be happy until they are with their families. It is important to master the right ways to be happy. This is the purpose of this article.

1. Discover the right thing. Human beings are quite different in the way they look at things. There are those who see the glass to be half-empty while others see it as half-full. The challenge is that both these people are seeing something. However, the one that sees it as half-empty may have some challenges of pessimism or self-confidence. When you are caught in a traffic jam, how do you react? It is good to learn how to positively react to such situation. This might simply be a chance for you to reflect on matters of life. What about a long queue at the bank? You may be getting a good opportunity to read a magazine.

2. Be grateful. A few people always remember to say thanks. However, this is one of the most important virtues to practice. If you learn to say thank you, you will learn to appreciate many things. This is one of the important ways to be happy and joyful about life.

3. Take time to play. When you grow old, do not forget that you were once a kid. This is a vital thing in life. Try playing some games with your family and friends. This is not about playing some of those complicated games at the golf club. Try a tag game, street baseball or even a leap tag and you will realize that it is also among the ways to be happy

4. Do acts of kindness, this is vital for all people. It is important to practice some acts of kindness. The reality is that this is usually a contagious thing to do. Do not be cheated that if you watch the acts of kindness that others are doing you will be kind. You have to act yourself and make sure that you perform these acts personally.

5. Get enough time with your friends. Friends are good to be with. This is not to say that having friends around you will guarantee joy, but there is something that having friends around you will do. It will impact some form of happiness. Try to make friendship an important priority in life.

6. Take rest. We all need time to reflect, unwind and simple decompress. This is called rest. In the current world, life can be too fast and you must find a way of dealing with that. Find time to rest a little, if you cannot get much time. Rest involves sleeping early, sometimes. Other times, it may mean changing the common things we do.

7. You may need to try putting a happy face. This is very important for all people who want to be happy. If you cannot show a happy face, people around you may not find a reason to smile back. When you have a brightened face full of smiles even nature will smile back. This is an important thing, but you do not have to force it. Just practice it and with time, you get used to smiling all over.

Lack of happiness can be depression and can lead to suicide.

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