Your Happiness Is an Inside Job

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Happiness truly is an inside job. Take a real good look at who you really are and you will see how much you actually have going for yourself. Happiness is not something you find, it is something you are. Look around your world and you will find a number of reasons to feel content and happy. Once you have identified all the pluses in your life, make a point of sharing them with someone close to you and allow yourself to feel worthy and content and enjoy the pleasure of who you really are.
Action Idea: Have you ever tried to be unhappy with a smile on your face? Do our emotions manifest in our physical attributes and facial expressions or can we use our physical attributes and expressions to help us shift from an unhappy state to a more desirable one? Whenever you are feeling unhappy or down, put a smile on your face, even if it feels a little weird. I have found that it is difficult to be unhappy for very long when you smile. Use this tool as often as possible; it will help you to get control over your happiness.
Happiness cannot be found in Trinkets or Treasures
When you seek your happiness in acquisitions, trinkets or treasures, you will always live an unfulfilled and empty life.
For example: If your happiness depends on the ice-cream you are eating and the ice cream cone is knocked out of your hand. Then your happiness will be left lying, smashed on the floor. Whereas, when you are living a life of meaning and fulfilment, the ice cream is only something to enjoy in the moment. Your contentment and happiness comes from within. So when the ice cream cone is knocked out of your hand, it is merely a slight inconvenience, not a reason to change your state.
The place to be happy is where you are right now and the time to be happy is as often as you allow. Happiness exists around and within you all the time, open your eyes and you will see it. Real and lasting happiness is found in relationships, appreciating simple pleasures, respecting/ enjoying nature and all actions that express love
Your Ingredients for Happiness
The essential ingredients for living in perpetual happiness, are firstly to have something meaningful to do, secondly something worthwhile to love, thirdly something to hope for and finally a clear vision and life purpose. Invest time to acquire all four of these elements and happiness will no longer be something you seek, it will just be who you are.
Choose happiness as the manner in which you travel through life and joy as your mode of transport. True happiness is never something you discover at one of the destinations you arrive at, it is the very reason we get to make this magnificent journey at all.
Your Happiness will Benefit Everyone
When happiness is who you are it will sow lasting benefits on everyone you have contact with and anonymous benefits upon the world as a whole. Make happiness your number one priority and you and everyone around you will reap the benefits this practice will bring.
How good do you feel when you invite anger into your day, by allowing events around you to irritate you? On the other hand, how good do you feel when you invite contentment and happiness into your day? Which emotive state do you think will empower you to deliver the best results? You owe it to yourself and the world to smile and have a really, happy, fulfilling, meaningful and productive today. My experience has shown me that, when you feel good, you do great.
Happiness and joy are abundance generators. The abundance you will experience in all areas of your life is directly proportional to the amount of contentment, joy and happiness you consistently invite into your life. Stop looking for your happiness in distant things, your happiness grows right under your feet, just reach down embrace it and invite it in to your life.
When you spend your days bringing sunshine to the lives of others, give without remembering, receive without forgetting and always aim to be of service to others, you will then discover the meaning of true joy, real and lasting happiness and complete fulfilment. What are you waiting for, happiness is one good choice away.


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