How Do I Write My Own Prayer?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2014

In the Book of Luke, chapter 11:1, one of Jesus' disciples requested, "Lord, teach us how to pray." In answer, Jesus gave what is now known as the Lord's Prayer.

So, how do I write my own prayer? I use as a format the one Jesus gave his disciples. To wit:

1. Father...
You begin your prayer by addressing the one you're praying to. It can be "Our Father," "Father in heaven," Heavenly Father," or simply, "Lord." It's up to you.

2. Hallowed be your name...
Hallowed means holy. This line gives praise to God. So write down something to thank God for. If I'm writing a prayer for an event, for example a board meeting, I would write something like, "Thank you for gathering us in this place for our board meeting."

3. Give us each day our daily bread...
I then write what you would need at present. Again, if it's a board meeting I would pray: "I pray for your wisdom that we may all come to an agreement about our expenses this coming year."

4. Forgive us our sins...
While asking for God's forgiveness may be appropriate only in prayer meetings and such, this line nevertheless is akin to asking God to prepare us for doing his work. So in writing my own prayer if I'm not in a prayer meeting, I would write something like, "I pray that you would clear my heart and mind to know your will so it will be your will that prevails in this meeting."

5. And lead us not into temptation...
This is the time to pray for God's strength and provision that you would persevere. To continue with our example, I would pray, "Grant us your strength and continued guidance as we carry out our plans this year, that we may not falter nor fail."

7. End the prayer by thanking God again by simply saying, "Thank you, Father." Then say, "Amen!" Amen means so be it.

So, how do i write my own prayer? Here's a framework to put it all together.

1. Name the person to whom you're praying.
2. Thank God.
3. Pray for what you need right now.
4. Pray for God to prepare you for the task on hand.
5. Pray for future provision.
6. End with thanking God again.

The above is only a guide. You may, of course, add or subtract to it according to what you see fit.

One more thing to remember. How do I write my own prayer? With simplicity.
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