Workplace Wellness Programs in Pursuit of Wellness

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


In the pursuit of wellness
Many organizations, schools, colleges and other companies offer health and wellbeing programs to their employees and students. These programs are aimed to get the employees and students in good shape and in good health. They promote health awareness among the workers and urge them to get healthier. Usually, the basic old health and wellbeing programs meant nothing more than an empty gym in the office. Also, occasionally they would also mean posters with facts about taking the stairs instead of using the lift. But nowadays, companies are spending real money to help their employees get into better health.
Workplace wellness programs
Many Workplace wellness programs today offer rewards, points and financial incentives for those who strive to get healthy. To begin, the company collects the health bio data from the employees. They are also asked about their past medical history, family medical history, drug use, whether a smoke, alcohol intake, daily fitness routines and exercises and about their diet. Also advanced workplace wellness programs tend to make a complete blood test compulsory for all their employees to screen for cholesterol, diabetes blood pressure and other chronic illnesses.
Announcement of a decent reward or incentive in the workplace wellness programs has started many on a battle against their obesity and over weight issues. These programs create awareness on many topics like the right food choices for your body, about the importance of physical activity and also about myths related to dieting. These information can help you in eating healthy. Through educating and coaching, the workplace wellness programs can help change the habits and behaviors for a healthy life.
Complete planning
The health and wellbeing programs also help in changing the employee attitudes towards reducing health risks. Also, many programs coordinate and sync all treatment information from the employees personal physician, their qualified medical personnel and the company's health specialist to give you a wonderful network of health care. Also, these programs have on site health specialists and good treatment centers located well near the workplace for easy visits.
Many exciting and new incentives are offered for individuals trying to adopt a fresh and healthy lifestyle. Also, there will be great rewards for those successfully meeting their health goals. A great attitude can help save a lot of money down the road and also help you save extra on the company's programs. Also, these health and wellbeing programs will mark you with high points for taking preventive measures against your greatest health risks.
Stress management
The corporate wellness programs offer great information and coaching on very essential stress management. They help employees know about great stress relief techniques for a great attitude in meeting deadlines. Stress reducer methods are very important for maintaining a good and healthy mind. A stress free mind is one of the greatest blessings and the corporate wellness programs can help you get stress free completely.
After charting the wellness plan for each employee and providing wellbeing exercise to them, the results are then asses and evaluated for any changes needed.
Such great health and wellbeing programs offered by____ can help in improving the workplace morale and promote the concentration, focus and pressure management to the employees.
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