Why You Should Read Good Anger Management Books

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Do you feel you are in torment and suffering? If YES, then these are signs of frustration and resentment that will lead to development of anger. Now, there are many anger management books available these days that explore reasons why people get angry. Many factors are actually related to this cause of rage or irritation. Miserable or unhappy childhood, a child craving for love but not getting adequate attention can turn vulnerable and angry with age.

It is interesting and a fact that we imbibe anger unconsciously from our parents, who use it to make things happen. Good anger management books even say that the first influences of irritation and rage starts from mother's womb, when the baby receives vibration of antagonism from the surroundings and the mother as well. It is thus important that the would-be mother expose herself to happy and cheerful environments.

Living an unsatisfied life can also be a reason behind anger that stems out of dissatisfaction and insecurity. You may start realizing that you have wasted plenty of your time, when you had so many opportunities. It might as well happen that you had to miss opportunities to make way for others, or may be the situations were not favorable. Reading anger management books will help you access your life better and be the proper judge.

The list for your anger can be endless. If you realize that you have been wasting a lot of time or you are repenting for some reason, then it manifests into anger. Good anger management books state that if you are frustrated with your own self or dissatisfied for some reason, then you will develop anger or rage within yourself. We continue to learn and evolve every single day. We learn to cope with different situations and circumstances and respond to different people in our lives differently. Peers, family and friends influence adults and particularly children. Since response widespread is towards antagonism, we tend to take resort to anger, rather than using tolerance, peace and calmness.

Many anger management books portray media to be one of the reasons behind anger. Anger can be found just everywhere, from TV serials, to newspapers, magazines, pictures, cartoons, Comics etc. Children from their very childhood are educated to believe anger is acceptable and reasonable way of responding to different people and situations in life. If you are concerned about improving your life, it is important to gain control over such negative emotions as anger.

Anger puts you in "fight-to-fight" mode and you need to take a break to diffuse it, when you find yourself clenching your fist, experiencing adrenaline surg. You must keep in mind the traditional wisdom that says "if you are angry then you must buy yourself time".

Calm yourself down mentally and physically. Indulge in some "self-talks" and gain control over your mental status. It is normal to get negative thoughts when you are angry, but they are not entirely true. Mastering self-control can help you come out of the miserable state of mind says good anger management books.


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