Why We Wonder?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 31, 2022

Wondering is one emotion that inspired our greatest achievements in art, science and religion. It is all about entertaining and exploring possibilities. To wonder is to live in a life of hope and faith. We certainly can manipulate they way we want, but have you thought about why do we do that?
Why do we wonder?
Throughout our lives, we have asked ourselves why certain things happen. We as humans refuse to settle for less. When we wonder, our mind takes flight and dares to dream. It infuses our questioning and our thinking with a spiritual aspect. People prefer explanations that offer them a function or purpose. The urge to find answers might end up with false beliefs, especially when looking for a satisfying explanation. We naturally just seek closure for everything, even abnormal and unfortunate situations that we have no control over.

How does wondering affect us?

Both positive and negative outcomes can be seen from constant wondering. We need to understand where to halt our minds. Some levels of understanding are just more than we need to or can handle. It is better to not focus and worry about the details of life that are unhelpful. Just embrace the positive things happening around you and let your mind wonder in the direction that keeps your heart happy. A sense of wonder is a powerful tool that tilts the thinking forward. The person who possesses this quality grows bolder and stronger in his questioning. He tests the edges and boundaries of conventional reasoning. It gets easier to push into new territory and demand for fresh truths and answers.

As an emotion and as a subject, wonder is a widespread term. The hunger for meaning is not always satisfied. And when you face the dark side of this emotion, it is essential that you address to it and not beat yourself over trivial matters. See a therapist if that works for you. At Living in Wellbeing, the questions that haunt you are put to use. Our health specialists combine doubting and dreaming and present a clear picture for you to understand your emotions better. They work together along with you throughout every day of your life and bring the necessary change from the very root. Get in touch with us today and get talking!

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