Why we like Smoking?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 15, 2021

Everywhere there are warnings cautioning people how cigarette smoking can be injurious to their health and how it affects their respiratory system. Most of the public places don’t even allow smoking. In spite of all this, people continue to smoke. Now the question is, why?

People get into the habit of smoking for varied reasons. Some start smoking in their teenage because of peer pressure, or they might pick this habit up from their surroundings. Another major reason for this can be stressed and worries about one’s mind. People with problems, anxiety or depression use these as a way of alleviating their symptoms. For some people, cigarettes help cope with negative feelings and emotions. It leaves them with a feeling of wellbeing, helping them to keep their emotions under control.

Smoking becomes a support to deal with these things and gives them a sense of relief. But as time passes, our body gets addicted to nicotine. The body constantly craves cigarettes, and one feels anxious, stressed, irritated or sad in its absence. Without much notice, it becomes more of a need than a habit. It traps the person in a vicious cycle.

Smoking can become a habit, one which is very hard to quit. It helps people to manage stress, pressure, troubles in personal life, etc. But one needs to understand that smoking is not the only way to handle negativity in life. This habit can be left. It can be replaced by healthier and better habits. After quitting cigarettes, one would feel withdrawal symptoms. These are felt acutely in the first two to three weeks. But the plus side is that these symptoms reduce with time.

An appointment with a doctor or a physician can be made, and different types of supports and aids can be discussed. New routines can be adopted, which are health and fitness-oriented. Having a healthier diet and lifestyle can be a big helping hand. Exercise, meditation, and yoga can be very helpful. Counseling helps tremendously in such cases. Sometimes, just talking to the people you trust and love can help.  But if you ever feel helpless, remember that we are here for you. Contact Living in Wellbeing whenever you need someone to talk to. We are always here.

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