Why We Like Nudity?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2022

To some people, nudity is fun and liberating. There is a certain power that comes from owning yourself. To many others, it is taken in a more sexual means and they enjoy nudity in a most inappropriate manner. People who are shown nude in films and other media platforms are generally those with attractive bodies. This also makes nudity a means of idolization, confidence and sometimes also erotic and perverted.

Why we like nudity?

  1. Attention- People with low-self esteem try to reveal as much as they can to attract attention. They use their bodies in a way to cover up for their insecurities and the need to be liked and appreciated for what they own.
  2.    The portrayalof nudity- A lot of the nudity that we are exposed to via different kinds of media is sexual in nature. It creates a buzz and excitement and people develop a liking towards it eventually.
  3. Cultural effect- In many cultures, skin showing and nudity is a big taboo. It receives unwanted attention and raises eyebrows because the upbringing is such. Conservative minds put a limit on everything, talking about it or viewing it in any way. It creates curiosity and gives some kind of pleasure to those who break the boundaries.

What to do if one is obsessed with nudity?

Studies say that the entire concept of conservative behavior was coined to control the populations into conformity and obeying rules. It is said that if the reproductive parts are seen in public, it may lead to desire and arousal and can cause consent issues and also rape. There is no harm in believing in the concept of nudity as long as it is considered only natural and evokes thoughts of equality.

Untreated mental health issues very commonly get worse and may have other negative effects. The urge for nudity is completely preventable with the right treatments by a licensed professional. Going to therapy can help you to lift this heavy burden.

These sessions require honesty, both with yourself and with the therapist you work with. That is why Living in Wellbeing offers a safe platform to talk through life’s various challenges. It is a judgment-free space where a trained professional, empowers you to address all your internal atrocities. We work on the strong link that treats looks at both- mind and body wellness. So get in touch with us now and live life just in the way you envision it.

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