Why we like adultery?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 13, 2021

Adultery is described as consensual sexual acts between a married person and someone who is not their spouse. Such acts of infidelity are always controversial, and people are very speculative about the causes of adultery, and what causes a person to cheat on their partner. But the causes of these acts are to be studied.

Many people get into adultery simply because they are not happy in their married lives. One of the partners may feel that their spouse is unable to understand them, does not give them the attention, love and care they deserve. A lot of people would say that this does not justify cheating on your partner, but disappointment in one’s marital life is the prime reason behind adultery.

Adultery can stem out from sheer boredom as well. Lack of excitement and adventure in a marriage can prompt a person to venture outside for a thrill. The regular routines and predictable lives might make one dissatisfied. One may feel like there is no spark in their marriage so they look for something new. However, the unhappy partner does not look for a lover, but only for the attraction and chemistry which they think is lost in their marriage.

Adultery can sometimes be triggered by the lack of sexual satisfaction too. The person may actually love their spouse, but still cheat because they feel that they cannot be satisfied by their spouse. Along with this, the cheating spouse, at times, may feel like they have a connection with someone outside their marriage. Sometimes, one may regard emotional intimacy as love, especially if it is absent in one’s marriage.

In order to avoid such happenings in the future, one must act in the present. Conversation and open communication can avoid a lot of issues that may surface later. Discussing your feelings, both positive and negative is crucial. Moreover, it is important to share your doubts and fears, because these are the things from which infidelity might root from later in life. So, honesty and transparency are very important factors for a happy marriage.

It can be difficult to talk to your spouse and communicate. But it’s important too. You might need some motivation and encouragement for this, and we are more than happy to help with it. Feel free to contact Living in Wellbeing. We would be very happy to help.

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