Why We Lie?

Dr. Purushothaman
May 2, 2021

Let’s face it. Each one of us has lied at some point in life. It is seen as a valuable tool in the survival box of any social species. Studies say that deception is practiced as early as six months from birth in the form of fake crying and other attention-getting gambits.

Why do we lie?

There are many reasons why we resort to lying. It can bail us out of awkward situations, it can preserve or strengthen alliances, it can enhance your social standing, it keeps you out of trouble and it may also end up saving your life.

What happens when you lie?

Lying may seem simple and harmless. However, it does have some adverse effects.

  • It becomes an addiction

Most people do not take their habit of constantly lying very seriously. It demands and drives you to continue your deceptions. It is a sick and tragic cycle, you will get addicted to and will never be able to fully escape and get out of it. Besides, it does not ever have a happy ending.

  • Lack of peace

Most people think that getting away with a lie makes their life peacefully. However, is extremely stressful. It will make you constantly look over your shoulder and wonder who might be finding you out. When you are honest, you do not have those worries and can lead a peaceful life.

  • It ruins relationships

Trust is an important factor in any relationship. A lie may save you from your wrongdoing and its consequence, however, the truth will one day unfold itself. When that happens, you will have nothing to justify and ask for forgiveness and one simple lie can end up ruining a lifetime relationship.

Lying is a destructive habit and it leads to painful consequences. There are several ways to make yourself, stop from lying. You need to try and figure out what pressured you to succumb to lying and practice telling the truth.

Another way to help yourself is to get in touch with the supporters at Living in Wellbeing. We excel in treating pathological lying with psychotherapy and conduct either group or individual sessions, whatever it is that comforts our client. Compulsive lying can be a challenging condition and seeking immediate professional help is important.

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