Why We Ignore Others?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2022

We have all experienced the insecurities, confusion and uncertainty that comes with feeling ignored. The commonest reasons that studies show for people having depression and anxiety is because someone important in their life is ignoring them. It leads to uncomfortable emotions and a slew of unanswered questions. But why does that happen?

Why we ignore others?

  1. Anger, jealousy and resentment- Such negative emotions sometimes when not addressed can make a person ignore another completely. It is expressed by trying to show that he or she is worthless.
  2. Selfishness and negativity- If you only think about yourself and are highly negative in your thoughts, you will eventually disassociate yourself with others and become ignorant of your peers.
  3. Constantly questioning your own value- If you are low on self-confidence, you will constantly question yourself why other people are not considering you as important, even though they are. You will feel disconnected, will always find yourself rooted in anxiety will feel ignorant towards everyone else.

What to do to overcome this?

  1. Lower your ego- people spend years ignoring each other because the other person has not made a start and taken a step forward for reconciliation. Ego ruins relationships and leaves one with only regret. Cut out your ego, be the conversation starter and ease out the issues.
  2. Admit and ask for help- People will respect you far more if only you admit that you are ignorant. They will also help you overcome it and work out different ways to make changes to your behavior.
  3. Respect and be humble- Most people around you have successfully overcome previous hardships. You need to respect that and have a complete understanding of their inner thoughts rather than being ignorant of their life’s story.

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