Why we fight with friends?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2021

Friends are among the most important parts of our lives. From childhood to adulthood, friends fill a void that no other relation can.  They are a source of motivation, love, affection, support and care. They help us to get through some really tough times. But there come sometimes when friendship is put to test. It Regardless of how much we trust the other person, there are some situations where there arise some misunderstandings.

The first and foremost can be lack of faith and trust in your friend. When we are unable to trust our friends, we end up hiding things. These things, which have been hidden, surface at a later stage, and create conflicts and issues. These conflicts are then improperly dealt with, which leads to further misunderstandings between two people.

Incongruence between opinions of several people can be another reason. When two people fail to agree with or appreciate each other point of views, there can be arguments. These arguments can lead to conflicts. Also, lack of approval is another factor which triggers discord between friends. The thought that the other person would not approve of a specific decision or action makes one hold things back. There is a fear of being judged at the hands of a person who one trusts and loves. Because of this, one hesitates to be completely honest.

Another factor which can be the cause of conflicts amongst friends could be a change in priorities. As a person grows and matures, the responsibilities, both professional and personal increase. One gets utterly engrossed in his work and career. Somewhere along the line, a job becomes a bigger preference than friends. And this is completely normal and understood.  But the failure to accept and understand this fact can cause serious troubles.

Problems with our friends can seriously affect our peace of mind and happiness. It hurts us deeply when we have to let go of people due to misunderstandings. Therefore, it becomes very important to have a healthy relationship with our friends, be honest with them and trust our bond enough to openly tell them anything. But always remember, communication is key. Conflicts like this can be really draining. So, if you ever feel like you need to vent, feel free to contact us. Living in Wellbeing will always be happy to help.

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