Why We Feel Unworthy?

Dr. Purushothaman
May 15, 2022

Many times, you catch yourself feeling like you really don’t measure up. Such feelings have a cumulative negative effect on the mind and the body. You fail to take actions or engage in with others, neglect relationships because of shame, fear or guilt. Moreover, you internalize all this unconstructiveness to the point where your body suffers medical as well as psychological consequences.

Why we feel unworthy?

Such feelings usually occur when you are trying to measure up to the unrealistic expectations others have for you. People stay locked into the past and conclude that you are lacking because of what you have been through or lose in life in the past. It could also be possible that you have been betrayed by the person you have been close to or just let down. Unworthy feelings also arise because of self-esteem issues and fear of being jilted or being used.

How to deal with such negative feelings?

We as humans wish to be joyful, fulfilled, grateful and connected. And that can be achieved in many ways.

  1. Acknowledge the emotion you feel

Once you identify and acknowledge the emotions that make you feel low, it will no longer have any power over you.

  1. Focus on your talents and strengths

Everyone has skills they are good at and confident doing. These will help you go a long way toward restoring and rebuilding your self-worth.

  1. Get help from your friends

Take help from your friends, allies and loved ones. Listen to their suggestions because they give you additional emotional support and encouragement and will only want the best for you.

Another proactive approach is to speak to a therapist. Attending long-term sessions are often the treatment of choice. If you have suffered a traumatic situation or an event in the past or recently, your therapist can help you work through this.

At Living in Wellbeing, we ensure that you learn and practice techniques and calming strategies to lessen your negative emotions. Our expert health advisors are someone you can trust and who will not let out your personal information with anyone. So, get in touch with us today via email or call and challenge what makes you feel unworthy.

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