Why we feel lonely?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2021

Despite all the ways we have to connect with friends, family and acquaintances, there are a lot of times when we feel lonely. It is an emotion that is triggered due to a bad memory, over analysing things and a bad mental or physical health state.

Many people take this strong emotion lightly and reason it out with being alone. However, feeling lonely is not a direct cause of being alone. It is quite possible to feel lonely even in a crowd. But how does that happen?

Why we feel lonely?

There are many developmental and psychological factors that can lead to feeling lonely.

  • Feelings of hostility– People are afraid of the risk of allowing people to see who they truly are in the fear of rejection. They hold back from real connections and feel hostile.
  • Intoxication– Majority of the ailments are caused by consuming drugs and alcohol.
  • History of abuse– Domestic violence either at home or ragging at the workplace or educational institute.
  • Circumstances– Painful life situations such as divorce or loss of a close one. Such circumstances can increase the feelings of loneliness.
  • Post-traumatic stress– Nightmares or flashbacks that bring back memories of the past trauma and would want you to be secluded and compact.

If loneliness is dangerous, how do we fight it then?

  • Eliminate self-defeating thoughts – Everyone is unique and special and you must find out what makes your class apart from others. Focus on the good about you and ditch all self-consuming thoughts.
  • Disengage from negative people– Some people can make you feel sad and unworthy. They talk highly of others and try to put you down for their own sadistic pleasures and you must stay clear of such negativity.
  • See a professional– Someone who has studied the functioning of the human mind and body certainly knows why they react in the way they do. They may help you point out the exact reasons and also suggest a way to deal with that.

Even more dangerous than isolation, loneliness if unchecked, can lead to addictions like alcoholism, anxiety and poor sleep patterns. This, in turn, will cause many other mental and physical disorders.

Consulting a psychotherapist or counselor is the best solution. They can help you deal with loneliness and guide you to fight such feelings in the future as well. The motivational therapies will encourage you to shy away from connecting with others.

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