Why we dislike our spouse?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 20, 2021

There are a number of reasons which can cause problems in one’s relationship or marriage. One might feel that there is a lack of understanding. There can be a feeling that one’s spouse is unable to understand their point of view, and their emotions. In such a case, communication gaps can develop, which can lead to further misunderstandings.

Insecurities and doubts are one of the major reasons which can cause lack of dialogue between two people, and lead to emotional disturbances. There might be some people who find it difficult to convey their feelings. They fail to talk to their partners about their feelings and doubts. This leads to a relationship being clogged. And then comes a situation when we start disliking our spouse.

Sometimes there is a situation of contempt. It arises from sarcasm, blaming, finger pointing, etc. This kind of behavior can cause disconnects in two people. Another important factor which causes issues is lack of comfort and rapport with your partner. If one does not feel comfortable talking to their partner about what is going on in their mind, emotions can get bottled up, and a lot of things are left unspoken. This may cause major troubles later.

Secrecy can also give birth to many misunderstandings. When a partner is very uptight about their life, and does not prefer to share, can unintentionally hurt his or her partner’s feelings. On the contrary, at times, one may be comfortable about discussing their life, and being close and intimate, but the partner may have an abundant and dismissive nature. Such behavior can turn a normally calm person into a statue of neediness.

A happy and fulfilling relationship is very important for our emotional satisfaction. Being in a relationship, but being stressed about it can be equally draining. So if someone ever feels like their relationship is not going the way it should, talking about it patiently and having an open discussion is the best way to sort things out. But it can be difficult to do so, and you might need some motivation for this. For this, Living In Wellbeing is always there for you. Contact us whenever you feel the need to talk to someone, and we would be glad to help.

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