Why we break our relationships?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 27, 2021

Relationships are a crucial part of our life. At the end of the day, we turn to the one we love for comfort. But sometimes, there might be some problems which don’t allow us to stay with them and lead to a breakup.

Cheating is one of the worst causes of a breakup. When a person cheats in a relationship, there is a breach of trust and faith. The breakage caused in the relationship is extremely hard to mend. And sometimes, the relationship goes beyond saving. Then, breaking it off is the only choice that’s left. Cheating can scar the relationship so bad that it is just not possible to fix things, and in such cases, one is left with no choice.

Having trust issues and having a lack of faith in your partner can cause trouble too. If one doesn’t feel comfortable enough to share their insecurities and feelings with the other, they resort to lying. And lying to your partner can cause some very deep-rooted problems. These problems are very hard to handle, and can sometimes cause misunderstandings that can lead to breakups.

Nagging is a habit that can test someone’s patience. A person who has a habit to nag, comment and taunt every now and then will eventually irritate the partner to an extent where the other person gets too fed up to take it anymore. Nagging can make a person unbearable to their partner. It gets extremely difficult to be around such a person. That’s when there might be issues in continuing a relationship.

Money and financial issues can also be a potent reason for problems in relationships. A man might become fed up with his partner if he feels like she is using him for money and treats him like a credit card. A woman, on the other hand, might not want to live with a man who she thinks has no spine and it does not pitch in for daily expenses of rent, food, bills, etc.

Breaking a relationship can be heartbreaking and it takes time to cope up with it. In your healing process, if you ever feel the need to share your feelings with someone, Living In Wellbeing is always there for you. You can contact us whenever you feel like it.

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