Why We Believe In Belief?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 17, 2022

We face difficult situations a lot of times in life. In such times, when you have nothing left to hold on to, you can still believe in belief. It is the very reason we embark on any job, task or mission because we believe that it will do us some gain. Belief is the driving force behind any and rather every decision that we make.

Why we believe in belief? What are its advantages?

It keeps us afloat. Believing keeps our hopes high and is a constant motivation. Without believing, you would never move forward because you would not know the end results for putting in your hard work. There are also other added benefits.

  1. We feel safer and more secure
  2. It becomes easier to connect when you find people who share similar beliefs
  3. Potential for strong relationships and deep involvement with other followers
  4. Strong belief supports intense and passionate involvement
  5. Helps beginners to jump in and explore new things
  6. We get to think we are right

Are there any disadvantages to this?

It is not always easy to believe in belief because somewhere you are also convinced that nothing in this life is ever promised.

  1. Set beliefs compromise objectivity and can easily interfere with open life-exploration
  2. There is a risk of becoming rigid and judging those who believe differently
  3. There is a risk of seeking to impose those beliefs on others
  4. Potential to feel superior to others
  5. We may set up ideals as standards and judge ourselves instead of developing compassion

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