Why we become Emotionless

Dr. Purushothaman
November 28, 2021

Many times, you may have come across someone who seems to have no emotions at all. They come across as rigid, detached, seemingly preoccupied and not at all friendly and warm. What are the symptoms and what makes them the way they are?

Common symptoms:

You do not ask someone about their wellbeing

You feel like something is always missing

You will feel the need to manipulate and control people around you

You only need something to engage with until something better comes along

You easily lie to hide your true feelings and tend to be incredibly self-centered

Why we become emotionless?

  • Upbringing - Bad parenting or an abusive childhood makes one frustrated, insecure and emotionally unfulfilled. Their reaction becomes cold towards anyone in any situation.
  • Past - People have been vulnerable before and gotten hurt. Hence, as a learning from their past, they become distant, aloof and emotionless in the fear of getting hurt again.
  • Afraid of public response - People are afraid to show their emotions because they fear of being judged. Some also enjoy proving that they are immune to emotions.

How to work on such feelings?

Emotional detachment is a difficult thing to deal with. The root cause of this behavior must be brought to life. Dealing with the emotions that makes one emotionless is a key part of overcoming the disorder. Try not to suppress your feelings entirely. If you feel angry, sad or just numbness, you must accept all your emotions as just natural and understandable. Do not judge yourself for the emotions you feel.

Seeking professional help can do you handle your emotions arising from various problems or stresses. Therapy is well-known for its problem-solving techniques and enjoys a good reputation as a tool for overcoming depression, anxiety and addiction.

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