Why We Are Thinking?

Dr. Purushothaman
May 29, 2022

Studies show that an average person's mind deals with more than thirty thousand thoughts in a day. The anxious brain is hyper vigilant and is always on the lookout for one thing or another. Most of these thoughts are your mind planning to avoid problems, worrying or ruminating. When your thought processes are tired, it does not feel good. You are not relaxed and are probably stressed and that will gradually wear down your body and mood.

What makes us think so much?

We are desperate creatures hunting for answers. But adds to our personality and makes us ever think?

  1. Introvert personality- An introvert's mind is plagued by distressing thoughts. They are constantly judging and evaluating others while they isolate themselves and their inability to get out of their own heads puts them in a state of constant anguish.
  2. Anxiety- Anxiety and unending thinking tend to be evil partners. It makes you dwell on the problems and its consequences rather than that of the solution.
  3. Fear- We are largely fearful and constantly have what-if scenarios playing in our heads about things that could go wrong with ourselves, loved ones and the world in general.

What to do to avoid over thinking?

  1. Rest: When you rest your busy mind, you stop wearing it out. Moreover, it will start refuelling and repairing itself and thereby also improve overall health. So make sure you get as much sleep as possible.
  2. Get occupied: Find something to occupy your time with. Reading, video games, painting, art, writing, etc. Will challenge and change your mind.
  3. Practice mindfulness: Commit to becoming more aware of the present than diverting your thoughts towards what has happened and what is going to happen.

Such mental challenges are also caused by genetic or environmental factors. However, proper therapy and medication can greatly reduce the effects.

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