Why we are suspicious?

Dr. Purushothaman
May 8, 2022

If you tend to check up on people, read between the lines for every interaction you have or assume that people are out to lie or hurt you, it is likely that you are more suspicious or paranoid than others. Suspicion is belief without proof and you will see a pattern of behavior that may indicate a lack of trust. You may not be able to make a firm conclusion, but your trust radar will keep telling you that something is wrong. Why does that happen?

Why we are suspicious?

Paranoia or anxiety - These triggers an unfounded fear that something bad is going to happen. It is what always keeps you suspicious. A combination of environmental and biological factors can lead to a suspicious and paranoid personality trait. It usually appears in early adulthood and can be caused by disturbed childhood, abusive relationships or anger and intoxication.

How to deal with this?

  1. Do not seek validation- Do not shop for agreement or confirmation of your intuition. Spend your time focusing on trust and truth and accept that sometimes you may be wrong.
  2. Practice relaxation- Practice deep breathing, which will slow your body down and stimulate feelings of calm.
  3. Pen it down- writing can be a great way to express your feelings. Write down about all the times when you have felt hurt, helpless, betrayed, or humiliated and you will find a way to make peace with it.

Letting it all out and discussing what is on your mind with a friend or even a therapist goes a long way. Naturally, as humans, we are constantly in need of social interaction, companionship and validation and what is better than having an open conversation with a medical professional?

At Living in Wellbeing, our psychologists offer an unbiased opinion that helps you see the issue from an outsider’s perspective. Our expert health team will help you with insights and information on how to handle certain situations which will, in turn, help you to heal and grow. Call us or write to us and let us guide you through all your mental and physical challenges.

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