Why We Are Suffering?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 14, 2022

Everyone suffers. It is a huge part of the human condition. Many situations in life result in horrendous unanticipated consequences. Sufferings can either elevate or decay personal and societal growth, depending on how you face the causes.

Why we suffer?

There can be ample reasons why one suffers in life. Some of the most common psychological factors are:

  • Seeing yourself as less and disconnected

We commonly suffer because someone may suggest that we are not who they thought we were. It is also possible that we do not believe in ourselves, to agree that we are enough.

  • Being fearful

Most of the times we are so fearful of how the reality will turn it out to be. Whether it will match our dreams or not. The future is unpredictable and it is put in a state of constant suffering if we do not get what we aimed for.

  • Living in the past

If you have gone through some bad events in life or have had a harsh childhood, you may take those sufferings all along your life. Small triggers keep you reminded of the pain and you may keep blaming everything you get or do not get in life on the events of the past.

What can we do to stop the suffering?

We can stop our own suffering by firstly, understanding the root of what makes us suffer. The next step is to then take action. You can either choose to shift your inner dialogue or do things differently. By responding to the challenges, you will develop skills and great self-esteem. We literally create and shape ourselves basis on the difficulties we face and how we handle them. There is no real end to the sufferings, however, you need to ask yourself if it is something worthy of your pain. You can also spend quality time discussing what affects you, which will at the least de-burden you emotionally if not completely eliminate your suffering.

Friends and family can be amazing source of support. However, sometimes some situations call for more and you may need to seek some medical or professional help. At such times, therapy and counselling come in handy.

The mental health professionals at Living in Wellbeing coax you into talking about your problems without censoring all the sensitive details. The therapies can widen your viewpoint and provide distance between your problems and you. So get in touch with us today for you are only a minor distance away from managing and minimize the myriad of problems that drains you of happiness and health both.

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