Why we are Selfish?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 1, 2021

We are taught the importance of sharing and compassion since we are little children. The values of mutual love, care and selflessness imbibed in us so that we grow up to be compassionate about other people’s feelings and emotions. But we have lost that compassion now. Somewhere along the line, the selflessness got lost and we became more self-centered, the question is why, and when?

Our lives are very simple and sorted when we are kids. Everything is easy and there are no complications. But as we grow up, the simplicity fades away. We start having expectations. When we do something for someone, we expect something in return too. When we feel that our expectations are not being fulfilled, we stop caring for others’ hopes and expectations too. It becomes more of a give and take psychology.

Another reason why people have become selfish might be that they don’t have the time to be selfless anymore. Everyone wants to be successful in their lives, and everyone struggles for it. Going out of your way to help others when you have no gain out of it seems like a waste of time and effort. One barely fulfills his own needs and requirements and has no time left to fulfill others’ too. It seems enough to take care of yourself and your family, and no one has time beyond that.

A person who has been left alone in the time of need in the past automatically stops helping others. He feels that it is futile to go out of your way and help others out when they need because if the situation ever arises with him, no one is going to be there to support him and stand by him. Therefore, he stops being compassionate and selfless like he used to be, and minds his own business selfishly, without caring about other people.

For having a happy and content life, it is very important to have peace of mind. That peace of mind is multiplied when we know that we are doing something good for someone. You may have become selfish and self-centered due to past experiences, and that is okay. If you ever feel like talking to someone about it, feel free to contact Living In Wellbeing. We would love to help.

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