Why We Are Romantic?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 19, 2022

Romance is nothing but a strong emotional feeling of love. It is a strong attraction towards another person. It is one of the most crucial elements for maintaining happiness in relationships. It is a feeling that needs to be constant in your universe.

What makes us romantic?

We as a society are lead to believe that our personal happiness relies majorly on the pursuit and acquisition of romantic love. It is meant to give our lives stability and meaning in the world. As social beings, we like the fact that we are loved and taken care of by people we consider as our loved ones. This is what ignites feelings of love and romance in us as well. Humans evolved the ability to emotionally bond and become attached to each other. This helped us survive, grow and learn how to cooperate with one another.

How can you be romantic?

Savoring romantic moments strengthen your bond with your loved one. Most people are afraid of trying romantic activities because they simply do not know how to do so. It can be achieved in some simple ways.

  1. Make small actions that convey affection, thoughtfulness, adoration, and love. This could include bringing home flowers, planning a date night or even watching a romantic film at home in isolation.
  2. Activities or actions of novelty can enhance feelings of joy and connectedness. You can make a to-do list comprising of activities your partner loves and check them all.
  3. Involving with each other's family is also a romantic gesture since it shows how much you care for your partners relatives and people they consider as family.

What happens when you lack romance?

Relationships over time have changed. Partners often fail to figure out why their relationships fail, and a big reason for that could be the lack of romance in the relationship. People seem discontented and the admiration for one another is missing. Many couples share that their relationships, lack fulfillment after a period of time. Turmoil in any kind of relationship is part of the course. However, lack of desire or long-term feelings of neglect need not be.

If you feel like love and romance was a thing of the past, remember it is never too late to rekindle and induce feelings of love in your relationship. At Living in Wellbeing, our therapists keep every session private and confidential. Talking to someone about it can help you find a way to go back to the olden days of pure love and adoration.

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