Why We Are Revengeful?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 5, 2022

The fight with revenge is centuries old. History has been evidence of the causes and consequences of revengeful acts. Every living creature has natural instincts of attack and counterattack. It seems to be one of the deepest urges we have. But why do we get it?

Why we are revengeful?

Theorists and researchers believe that revenge is a form of establishing justice. The threat of revenge may act as a form of protection. There are many reasons that make our mind revengeful.

1. Scarred past- There are cases where people have found themselves to be helpless as a child when they were abused or faced problems. They grew up with a vengeance and under the pressure of such powerful emotions, ended up finding great satisfaction in revenge.

2. Disappointment and depression- There maybe someone who was wronged by a close friend and want revenge because he was disappointed. It could have also been that someone they were hurt and their depression is making them do exactly the same- hurt people in one way or the other.

3. To safeguard self-image- When someone is not acknowledged, socially humiliated or harmed in any other way, that person will feel helpless and the only way to treat the bruised ego will be to strike revenge.

How to save yourself from revengeful feelings?

1. Understand the root cause: Understanding how thoughts and emotions influence behaviour is important for people who have intense revengeful thoughts that often rule them. It can help people develop ways to better manage their actions.

2. Meditate- Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and other anxieties. It may be a great coping mechanism for your desires for revenge as well. It can calm your nerves, slow your thoughts and help you feel centred.

3. Take out your anger in a constructive way- Exercise is a wonderful outlet to release hormones and boost your mood.

Moreover, you can always explore the option to speak to a friend or a therapist. The benefits of therapy are many and it may be the best time to ask for help.

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