Why We Are Possessive?

Dr. Purushothaman
April 17, 2022

Possessiveness is the act of taking control over the life and desires of another individual. It is related to mistrust, fear and insecurity felt by the individual. It indicates a manic state of mind wherein a person cannot share the things or a person’s time and presence with another with whom he is obsessed with. Everyone is possessive of their favorite things, pair of favorite things, food etc. Which they hate to share, but it becomes problematic when you start getting addicted to desires.

What triggers possessiveness?

People take possessiveness as a strong emotion. However, it actually reflects the weakness of a person. Possessive people have varied backgrounds ranging from loneliness to discrimination during childhood and also have no self-confidence. It reflects the degraded and injured self-esteem of that person. They leave deep marks on the heart and the mind of an individual. Even egoistic people show signs of possessive behavior since they will not let go of what they think is theirs at any cost, even if the need for it is toxic to oneself. Often, it can even be a genetic trait that is inherited. In most cases, it arises out of insecurities.

How to control possessiveness?

Several secondary emotions are a result of possessiveness such as fear, jealousy, anger, etc. Therefore a possessive person never feels happy and is always fearful of something they are not even sure about. When wanting to control possessiveness, meditation and deep breathing are great tools because they help to achieve higher levels of mental concentration. Accept yourself and believe in change. Such emotions are an intrinsic part of you and you must make every effort to work on them. Talk to your closed ones and let them help you build trust and ease your overpowering feelings.

Possessiveness is a problem many people face. Having someone to talk to and confide in can make an amazing difference. The stigma around opening up about personal struggles and mental health issues seems to be fading and therapy sessions are getting more limelight now than ever.

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