Why We Are Overambitious?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 25, 2022

Each of us has an ambition. It entails a healthy balance of perseverance, perspective, hunger and humility. However, sometimes in the pursuit of achieving your target, you can end up sacrificing more than what you care to admit. What exactly causes us to be overambitious?

Why we are overambitious?

  1. Fantastical future- In the hope of the wondrous, happy endings, people strive hard and do not stop at any cost. They view the present moment as a waiting room and fix their eyes on what is to come.
  2. Anxiety and panic- Ambition addicts usually fight with neurotic behavior and are panicked. Their anxiety levels and fear of other’s success does not allow them to stop at the set limit.
  3. Insecurity and vulnerability- Occasional victory may elevate some people’s mood, however, their insecurities will never let them feel accomplished. It will soon lead them to doom and gloom and they will set higher and more difficult goals and head out to achieve them.

What to do when you feel you are overambitious?

Being overambitious can make you lose your inherent sense of curiosity and gratitude for life. Spending time with people you care about. When you do that, you will have a sense of rational and irrational behavior and they can help you calm your raging nerves. Have some positive self-talk as well. When you praise yourself for the things you have achieved, you will refrain from negative thoughts of not being enough. You must constantly also think about how your actions influence other people. Just let your mind wander and relax because if you never think of anything as enough and satisfying, it will both mentally and emotionally take you beyond the breaking point.

Being obsessed with our goals could also typically be a sign of a mental health issue. If you find yourself turning to more negative coping mechanisms to overcome what you are feeling, it might be time to reach out and seek professional help.

Counselling sessions at Living in Wellbeing gives you the opportunity to open up about your feelings, thoughts and circumstances in a confidential environment. Our therapists are trained to help you uncover why such feelings might be occurring and how they affect you negatively. You will be able to recognize the validity of your emotions and work towards the betterment of your emotional behaviors. So get in touch with us today and let us sustain your physical as well as mental health.

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