Why we are not Sincere?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 4, 2021

Honesty and sincerity are one of the most important values that one must have in order to build a strong relationship. Love is undoubtedly very important for a relationship. But the values of decency, sincerity, and honesty are equally crucial when it comes to laying a strong foundation for a healthy relationship. But even though we know how important these values are, we drift away from them sometimes. We hide things from our partner, are not honest with them and become insincere, even when we know deep down how fatal it can be for our relationship. Now here, the question is, why?

Insincerity arises in a relationship when we start drifting away from our partner. When misunderstandings begin to surface, rather than dealing with them, we avoid them. This leads to the problem being built up even more. Yes, it does hurt us to see our relationship fall apart, but we feel helpless and insecure. That is when we start finding solace in others, and rather than discussing our doubts and anxieties with our partner, we share them with someone else.

Another reason for becoming insincere is the lack of faith and confidence. When there is fear of being unaccepted by someone we trust, we choose not to let our guard down. We keep ourselves and our emotions hidden. This doesn’t allow the other person to know you, and it breeds misunderstandings. This is when the honesty and frankness between two people begin to fade away.

Sometimes, a person willingly lets go of the virtues of honesty and sincerity simply because he was not reciprocated with them in the past. If we are honest, frank and sincere with someone, it is only normal to expect the same in return. When these hopes are not fulfilled, one stops being sensitive and considerate of other people’s feelings too.

These things happen in life. Incidents and people change us. They change the way we think, and we end up becoming insincere and ignorant at times. It is okay to talk about these feelings to someone. If you ever want to, you can to talk to us. Contact Living In Wellbeing if you want to share your feelings and emotions.

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