Why We Are Not Really Spiritual?

Dr. Purushothaman
December 4, 2022

Spirituality is kind of a buzzword in today’s culture. Even more so for the millennial generation. It recognises that your role in life is of greater value. It can help you to get a purpose in life can also be used for coping with change or uncertainty. However, people are drifting away from spirituality with every passing day. Why is that happening?

Why we are not really spiritual?

  • No results: Life can be full of ups and downs. Many times, people put all their faith expecting that their wishes will be granted, and when that does not happen, they turn away from believing in the higher power completely.
  • Science and practicality: Many people are of the view that science and a practical approach alone can layout a framework of meaning and there is nothing greater than that which can address queries.
  • Material success: Most people have their eyes set on material pleasures. They do not believe in the greater good and talks of spirituality drive them further away in the opposite direction.

What to do to be more spiritual?

Wanting to become spiritual is a noble goal and can be achieved in many ways.

  • Understand that spirituality has nothing to do with religion: Spirituality is a state of mind and not about the religion you follow. It has to do with your character and not with the God you choose to follow.
  • Find purpose: Become more self-aware and look at the bigger picture in life. When you find a positive purpose, spirituality will flow in itself to help you achieve the greater good.
  • Read books or articles: Gain as much knowledge as you can on spirituality. It is a vast subject and the deeper you go into studying it, the more benefit it will bring you eventually.

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