Why We Are Not Forgiving?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2022

When you forgive someone, you make a conscious decision to let go of any vengeance, resentment and anger towards the one asking for forgiveness. Forgiving others have a lot of personal benefits. Besides, deep down, we all agree that it is perhaps the right thing to do. So what is it that keeps us from doing it? Why is it that we do not forgive?

Why we are not forgiving?

1. Blaming is easier: When you have someone you can constantly keep blaming, it becomes easier to not own responsibility for our feelings.

2. Our ego is bigger than the relationship: Valid accusations or not, your ego sometimes acts way bigger than the relationship you share with the person.

3. Trust issues: By forgiving someone, you take a step ahead and start again with a clean slate. However, you are too scared to trust someone again because you are convinced they will end up hurting you too.

How to forgive people?

1. Understand that it is not for the weak: Many people think that forgiveness is a sign of weakness. However, forgiveness is not for the weak and is an act that comes from a position of strength. It is a quality that many do not possess.

2. Switch the focus: If you keep blaming someone, you will be caught in a vicious circle of hatred, sorrow and hurt. Switch the focus to more postivite aspects in life.

3. Reconnect to Spirit: Make a new agreement with yourself. Leave the resentment aside and believe that everyone’s dues will be paid on time and the universe will make sure of it.

Forgiveness is not easy to give but it sure solves a lot of issues in your life. One can never truly move ahead in life if their past and the people in their past are not forgiven. The feelings always linger and subconsciously keep you alive in the past.

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