Why we are not Content

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2021

Barring the few enlightened ones, it is safe to say that most of us are not content and happy with our lives. We have become greedy, too materialistic and the desire to want more never seems to cease. Modern-day progress is supposed to make our lives comfortable and easy, however, it has a complete reverse effect on most of us. Why is that so?

Why we are not Content?

  • Competitive behavior and low self-esteem - People who have low-self esteem invest a lot of time comparing themselves to others. They manage to do a lot more to also please others and do not seem to be contented with what they achieve.
  • Social Influence - We live in a society that praises those who have more. This makes us run for without giving a second thought and aim for the highest, sometimes unachievable goals. Failure to accomplish makes us discontented.
  • Procrastination - This issymptomatic of a psychological disorder. You can never be content with such an attitude and behavior towards life.

How do we become content?

Everyone has a common goal in life and that is to achieve true happiness. The only limitation to that is our own mind. Intentionally or unintentionally, we do not let our hearts feel satisfied with what we have or have achieved and that further leads us into depression, creates anxiety and also stress. We can alleviate these restraints by having a positive body image, believing in your strengths and finding a motivator. Each of us needs to set realistic goals and achieve them one at a time.

Another way to deal with your discontent behavior is to seek some professional and medical help, like seeing a therapist. Going for counselling sessions will help you to improve your overall health. We may see some challenges as only psychological issues, but they may elevate and result in physical problems.

The health experts at Living in Wellbeing make it comfortable for you to talk about your issues in complete privacy. Our tailored and focused therapies create a sense of wellbeing and create an environment for skills acquisition, analysis and essay. Moreover, we guide our clients to self regulate themselves and avoid devastating situations in the future as well. Get in touch with us via call or e-mail and let us help you live a safe and contented life

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