Why We Are Not Comfortable?

Dr. Purushothaman
March 27, 2022

What do all humans have in common? That at some point, things and people make us uncomfortable. Plenty of reasons in the world have the ability to make us uncomfortable, we do not quite know how to handle our discomfort.

Why we are not comfortable?

The uncomforting feelings usually have a trigger. They provoke an anxious response in humans. We encounter conflicts that are not actually life-threatening. However, our nervous system does not know that and we react to a variety of stimuli with the flight, fight or freeze response, irrespective of whether it is appropriate or not. A constant reminder of traumatic past, physical problems or mental challenges also makes one uncomfortable. Such feelings can also cause confusion or disassociation and makes you want to purely isolate.

What are the symptoms of discomforting feelings?

  1. Worrying excessively about many things at once
  2. Restlessness or irritability
  3. Feeling fatigued often or getting tired easily
  4. Difficulty concentrating or blanking out on thoughts and ideas
  5. Sore or achy muscles
  6. Difficulty falling or staying asleep

What to do to feel comfortable?

Whenever and wherever you decide to seek treatment, remember one thing- do not feel ashamed, do not be afraid and most importantly do not give up. You have taken the right decision to not take it lightly and get help with your discomfort.

Surrounding yourself amidst friends and family is a safe place to heal where you can build up your confidence. Have the courage to face discomfort and stop criticizing yourself by thinking that you are no good or that you deserve what is happening. Try to find happiness in all that you do. Indulge in creative and engaging activities to make good use of your time and keep any irritating feelings at bay.

Do not let the possibility of feeling uncomfortable keep you from living, learning and growing as a person. Taking proper medical guidance from a therapist or psychologist and having a heart-to-heart conversation can also be a solution to eradicate feelings of discomfort.

Living in Wellbeing offers a distinctive form of talk therapy that aims to reform self-destructive and negative thoughts and helps you produce positive behaviors. Such treatment not only help mental problems, but also improve sleep and reduces physical challenges. Get in touch with us today!

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