Why we are miserable?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 26, 2021

Everyone is engrossed in their professions and career these days. In the modern era, there is a race among everyone to be more successful than the other. This mindset has evolved due to a variety of reasons. The most potent cause would be the need for financial stability and security. Today’s world has become very competitive. Everyone struggles and works very hard for a well-established career. Negligence and a careless attitude can take away numerous opportunities. So, everyone focuses their attention on their work.

This race and struggle don’t allow people to enjoy their lives anymore. They don’t have the time to relax, to take their mind off the stress and worries of work. The burden of work and the psychological tension of it follow them around after working hours as well. This prevents them from taking their minds off of work at home as well, and they are not able to have a good time with their friends and family.

Another reason as to why people are unhappy is they are not in the careers of their choice. As mentioned, financial stability is the driving force behind this struggle for success. And sometimes the careers and professions they want might not be what they need for a financially secure life, or they might be time-consuming. So, people have to settle for a career that rewards them monetarily, but does not provide them with happiness and satisfaction.

Misunderstanding and conflicts with our loved ones can also be a huge cause of discontentment with our lives. The two main aspects of a person’s life are professional and personal. One needs to be satisfied with both to be content and happy. Disturbance and troubles with either can rob one of his peace of mind. So, apart from professional worries, the personal issue can also be the reason for one’s misery.

We work hard for having a good life and providing our family with security, stability and happiness. But if we are miserable, we cannot keep others happy. So, we should talk about these issues. If you ever feel like you need to discuss this with someone, Living In Wellbeing is right there for you. Contact us as and when you please, and we would be glad to help.

Article Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-life-so-miserable-and-sad/answer/Purushothaman-Kollam-1

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