Why we are interested in Sex?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 22, 2021

In a relationship, sex holds its importance. Having regular sex with your partner strengthens the emotional bond and helps both of you to connect. It also increases the level of commitment and strength of your relationship.

Sex is something that helps us to converse with our partner on another level. It gives a sense of allegiance and devotion. Physical intimacy can give an immense amount of pleasure to both the partners, and it provides a lot of emotional comfort and satisfaction as well.

It is highly beneficial for relieving stress too. After a long day at work, the mind is swamped with all kinds of worries and tensions. At such times, sex is really helpful. It frees the mind of all the stress and clears your mind. It lifts your mood and refreshes you.

Physical intimacy also increases the emotional bond between two people. It enhances the love, and the loyalty two people have for each other. It enables us to express our gratitude to our partner. It is a way of showing your love and expressing your feelings to the one you love. And these are very special moments that two people embrace for a long time ahead.

Also, to some extent, we must keep our partner emotionally and physically satisfied. Everyone has needs. And in a relationship, it is our duty and responsibility to take care of our partner's needs, both emotional and physical. And sex plays a vital role in this. It provides pleasure and satisfaction on both levels. So, regular physical intercourse is somewhat important for a relationship.

Having a close, intimate bond with your partner is important to a relationship. It ensures its strength and life. For having a satisfying and full relationship, emotional and physical, both aspects should be taken care of. For this, intimacy plays a very vital role. Sex plays a very crucial role in creating and maintaining that required intimacy. So, having sex regularly is healthy for a good relationship. Still, some people are insecure about it, as it is a big step in a relationship. If you think you want to talk to someone about these doubts, feel free to contact Living In Wellbeing. We will be happy to help.

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