Why we are in Agony?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 19, 2021

It can be really hard to overcome emotional and psychological pain. There might be instances in our lives which badly scar our mind and soul. We go through some incidents or mishaps which have a very deep and negative impact on us, and they can cause mental agony and depression. Such feelings of loneliness and pain can make us distance ourselves from the world, which worsens the condition of our mind.

Such agony can be a result of losing someone you love to misunderstandings or conflicts. Sometimes, we love someone dearly and their love and presence means the world to us. In order to maintain a true relationship  something more than love is also essential. There are things like honesty, loyalty, consideration of other’s feelings and compassion which are equally important. When our love and compassion is not reciprocated, we are forced to walk away from people, even though we don’t want to. And the mental pain of this can be excruciating.

Another cause of mental and psychological pain can be the demise of a loved one. Death of someone close can have a traumatic and extremely painful effect on a person. The agony of it stays with you for a long time, and it is very difficult to handle your emotions at such a delicate time. The depression and the sorrow take a toll on our mind and soul, and a void is created which becomes very difficult to fill. One is unable to accept the fact that they have lost someone forever.

An accident of someone you love can cause psychological trauma and pain as well. Having to go through extreme physical pain can take a huge toll on our mind, and the thought of it, the experience of it haunts us for a long time sometimes. Often, seeing our loved ones go through the pain can shatter us on the inside. This happens because we feel helpless and we can’t help them, regardless of what we do, or hard we try.

Dealing with psychological pain and agony can be a very difficult process. If you ever want to discuss this, feel free to contact Living In Wellbeing. We would be glad to help you out.

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