Why We Are Humiliated?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 21, 2021

Humiliation is the emotion related to feeling bad on the account of someone else’s deliberate act of putting yourself down. You feel like you have no power to overcome the situation. It can feel confidence-crushing and excruciatingly challenging. But why do we feel like this?

Why we are humiliated?

There are many who like to assert power over others and humiliate others to feel a sense of accomplishment. While some people strongly oppose and fight back, others tend to become easy targets. You can become prey to humiliation if you are going through some mental or physical issues. When someone is growing up in an unhealthy environment, it is easy for them to believe everything that is said about them because they do not possess the confidence and self-love characteristics like others. Some people have deep insecurities and also some psychological issues troubling them from accepting the flaws and working on them. Those who have low self-esteem also go through humiliation easily because they lack the power to fight back.

What should you do when it happens to you?

Do not wallow in your humiliation. There are many ways in which you can fight it.

  • Identify your triggers. 

If you know what hurts you and you find a way around that, it will not be a trigger anymore. Identify your soft points and work towards strengthening the flaw.

  • Create a vision board 

See yourself as strong and draw out all your goals. This helps you focus on who you are and your capabilities and acts as a reminder in a stressful situation.

  • Seek out a support network

It could be a friend you trust or a family member who can aid you to move on. You could also seek support from a medical professional.

If you wish to talk about what bothers you and seek necessary help, the best way to do so is with a therapist. In a clinical setting, a psychologist or a therapist can help you to alleviate anxiety, guilt, depression, phobias and many other challenges.

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