Why we are Greedy?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 25, 2021

Financial stability is important for everyone. We need to ensure that our future is secure and we will have a financially safe life ahead of us. But sometimes, there comes a point when our desire to feel secure converts into greed. We are not able to notice when our goals shift from financially secure to being wealthy. Our goal becomes to earn money, and there is no limit to how much. That’s when the greed in us awakens. Greed and a hunger for more is a driving force for a lot of people in their pursuit of success. But the basic question is, why do people become greedy?

One of the major reasons is shielding ourselves from the demons within us. Anxiety, loneliness, distress, and depression can make one’s life so miserable that they are unable to find their happiness again. But the fulfillment of their desires and wishes gives them joy and a temporary reason to be happy. And for the fulfillment of their desires, they need money. Without any notice, they become from an ambitious and goal-oriented person to a person whose only motivation is greed for more and more money. In simpler words, it can be said that the fulfillment of desires shields us or inoculates us from the underlying depression, anxiety, and loneliness. And this pushes a person to hoard more and more wealth.

Another reason for desire and greed for more money is a sense of security and financial stability. A person who has seen problems and conflicts in their life due to lack of money understands its importance in leading a happy and full life. Therefore, they try to earn more and more so that they never have to go to the same problems again. Also, they try their very best to shield their family and loved ones from the financial issues they might have experienced.

Being motivated toward earning well is not a bad thing. But, working blindly in the greed of wealth takes a negative toll on your life and mind. It is always good to talk about your doubts and insecurities to others. Whenever you feel like you should talk about this to someone, always know that Living In Wellbeing is there for you. You can contact us anytime you feel the need.

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