Why We Are Gloomy

Dr. Purushothaman
October 24, 2021

Life is full of situations that may make people feel gloomy. It is a feeling of profound sadness that simply feels normal to you. However, it can be one of the symptoms of depression or anxiety and can lead to loss of hope and interest. Moreover, the decline in enthusiasm causes various other mental health stresses too.

Why we are gloomy?

Feeling melancholy only a matter of time and we need to know why we feel the way we do.

  1. Anxiety and agitation

Both anger and anxiety are a magnet for gloomy feelings. It may lead to guilt and depression and will result in being unable to function actively.

  1. Behavioral health

Poor eating and sleeping cycles can have an impact on your daily life. Not getting enough rest and nutrition in the daily diet will lead to weight gain or weight loss and make you feel low.

  1. Hormones and other physical ailments

Mood swings are vulnerable to fluctuation of hormones and other physical ailments. Because of being unable to deal with physical challenges, we are bound to feel unhappy.

How to deal with such feelings?

Many people think that feeling gloomy only affects the mental side of one's body. However, that is not true. It brings along with fatigue, insomnia, persistent muscle pain, severe changes in appetite and other physical symptoms as well. The need to overcome this is urgent and necessary.

Indulge in fun activities like dancing, drawing, playing a sport, going to the spa for some relaxing treatments or talking to an old friend. If you do not find relief yet, meet a professional and work on your emotions. Cognitive therapy is a form of treatment you must try to avoid gloomy feelings. It focuses on changing your thoughts. It is a wise idea to speak with your personal physician or get in touch with a psychologist or therapist. They are the best people to screen you for possible causes of feeling gloomy and get you the proper medical care that you need.

At Living in Wellbeing, our health experts combine medical treatments and lifestyle therapies to give you an all-round treatment. Our qualified mental health professionals help trigger positive emotions and control all aspects of your mood and motivation. Call us or write to us and we will be there all along to guide you and make you live a healthy life.

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