Why We Are Frightened?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 8, 2022

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. It can have a very strong effect on your body and mind. When you are frightened, your body sends strong signals of response as if you were being attacked. For some people, the feeling is so common that they feel threatened even when they face non-dangerous events. Why does that happen?

Why are we frightened?

T­he process begins with a scary stimulus and ends with the fight-or-flight response. There are many reasons why one could feel frightened.

  1. Historically harmful events and a reminder of painful experiences in life
  2. Biological events in the body that may engulf the mind
  3. Dread, terror and panic from surrounding situations
  4. The anxiety that something is going to go wrong in the future
  5. Other subconscious behaviours

Effects of being frightened

A more nagging sense of fear may result in you being irritable. You may experience trouble in sleeping, develop headaches or even have trouble getting on with work. Not only does this negative emotion impact your mental health, but also have an effect on your physical being. You might have problems having sex and experience excess sweating, dry mouth and tense muscles.

How to deal with such emotions?

Face your fears if you can. By avoiding situations, you will miss the chance to know how to reduce your anxiety and manage your terrors. Address the underlying beliefs that get you frightened in the first place and rectify them. Most importantly, keep a record and understand the triggers and patterns in your worries.

Sometimes, such frightening feelings in your life may feel tolerable. Whereas at other times, it may feel overwhelming and unmanageable. In such situations, what works best is to see someone who is a professional and can guide you with thorough research and practical thoughts.

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