Why We Are Egoistic?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 3, 2022

Many people let their ego lead their lives until it somehow destroys it. Ego is the part of your conscious mind that puts one’s own beliefs, impressions and sensations ahead of anyone else. It will make you think and believe that you do not need anything or anyone. It has the power to overshadow everything and can in no time destroy your relationships and your happiness. What causes people to be egoistic?

What makes us egoistic?

There is never a single reason that makes people feel the way they do. Ego can be the outcome of many thought processes.
1. Being out of touch with reality

2. Creating unrealistic expectations and entitlement

3. Being dependent on external validation

4. Low self-esteem which makes one egoistic as a way of self-defense

5. Inheritance where a sense of superiority is passed on from one generation to another

How to deal with egoistic behaviour?

The entire practice of vanishing ego is like one big detox. However, it is not at all difficult to overcome this emotion. Here are some simple steps to eradicate the ego from your system.

1. Self-realization- You need to participate in any kind of self-reflective practice that helps you monitor your actions and behaviour. Address your worries, anxiety and sufferings instead of choosing to ignore them and use a biased attitude to overcome it.

2. Keep a beginners mind - Focus on the present moment and do not think of what the future holds. Focus on the work and not the outcome. Keep your mindset on the things you can control and keep a beginners mind so that you can learn and actually grow your horizons that just believing that you know it all.

3. Seek a therapist - Another way of dealing with ego issues is by seeking help from a professional. Psychological therapies help people overcome a range of difficulties. You must find someone who will help with developing a unique and individual treatment plan for you.

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