Why We Are Desirous?

Dr. Purushothaman
May 5, 2022

Desire is a sense of hoping or longing for a person, object, or outcome. It makes one want to take action to obtain their goal. Our culture in general and our economy, in particular, is entirely built on our desire for experiences or things that we do not have. It is a part of us as humans and desires do not really end until our last breath, however, excessive desires can be the root cause of many physical and psychological issues.

Why we are desirous?

A lot of people struggle with desires but do not bother examining what the causes are.

  1. Shaped by surroundings - Experience plays a large role and preferences can be shaped as per our learnings from our surroundings. For example, people desire expensive things being around people with a rich lifestyle.
  2. Fear or insecurity - Desires can be manifested based on fear, which can be a very destructive emotion. The desire for good looks, money, acceptance in society, etc. Is always on a high because of one’s insecurities.
  3. Self-image - People often tend to measure their own self worth with the objects they possess. It is added to more desire for you to feel that you will never have enough.

How to control your desires?

Desires end in nothing but an endless quest for more. It is intimately connected to pain and pleasure. It is always good to the desire for positive things and outcome but there needs to be a strong control over it. Desiring ends up in greed and that may not be what you are aiming at. Be vigilant and watch the thoughts that drive you to deep-seated desires. Work on your will power and self-discipline and live your life in uncluttered contentment.

Therapy is another medium that helps you discover a lot of the things that bother on a day-to-day basis. It does not hurt to see the situation from a third-party perspective or take inputs for a life decision you need to make.

Living in Wellbeing is a great platform to organize your thoughts. Taking to our therapists in person or through online sessions will help you reduce the mind-chatter in your brain that affects your self-esteem and causes other physical and mental problems. Moreover, they will also help put things in perspective to have a positive mindset. Get in touch with us today to enjoy life more freely without worrying.

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