Why we are Ashamed?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 18, 2021

Embarrassment and shame are some things that are experienced by all of us at different points of time in our lives. Several things can happen in our day to day life which might make us awkward. Sometimes, these things can be trivial, like a moment of an awkward incident which made you the laughing stock. But sometimes, these things are very serious. There are some issues which don’t allow us to feel comfortable and content with ourselves, and we start feeling ashamed of ourselves.

At times, we unknowingly or knowingly commit such follies whose implications and consequences are not known to us then. We might realize what we have done later in life. These mistakes might be done at a time when our mind is in a very delicate state, and we are not able to distinguish between the pros and cons of our actions. Often, such mistakes are made in mere childishness, or in immaturity which might be due to young age. Regardless of the reason, the consequences and results of these mistakes are far-reaching, and they are regretted by us when we realize the implications of our actions, and they might make us feel ashamed.

A lot of people have issues with their image and appearance. For some people, looking perfect all the time is a necessity, and looking anything less than that may disrupt their peace of mind. So they stress a lot about their image and appearance at all times. Some people might have an inferiority complex, due to which they feel incompetent as compared to others around them. This complex might develop due to the way they feel about their appearance, their body language, or simply the fact that they are not like the rest. These problems make them uncomfortable in their skin.

It is very important to feel satisfied and content with yourself to have a happy and fulfilling life. There might be problems which might bring us down and lower our confidence, but it is important to get back too. If you think you should talk to someone about your doubts and insecurities, remember that Living In Wellbeing is always there for you. You can contact us any time you want.

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