Why We Are After Money?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 26, 2022

Money is a common transaction tool. Each one of us needs money to survive and fulfil our basic needs and comforts. However, instead of simplifying transactions, it has rather complicated human life. Many of us do not realize that money is a process and not the end goal. And because of that, our entire lives revolve around earning, saving and only focusing on getting more and more currency in our accounts. We are often advised not to run after power and wealth. Yet, we all crave these things and the desire to have them is always increasing.

What are the problems attached to the unending need for money?

1. The Loss of the true essence of life- We spend way too much time worrying about our bank balances that we are not able to differentiate between the temporary mortal materialistic pleasures and eternal happiness. Our creed does not let us feel satisfied and you forget to live life and experience all its offerings.

2. Anxiety and depression- It does not take much time for anxiety and depression to crawl into our lives and make a permanent home when talking about money. Our minds constantly keep us in competition with others, their status, their possessions and leads to a lot of anxiety and depression when we fail to reach the unrealistic goals we set for ourselves.

3. Low self-esteem- There are no self-satisfaction and boost of confidence, even after you have reached your set goal. Running after money will always result in low self-esteem as you will keep adding milestones and then try to reach them.
What to do to stop the chase?
Defocus- Work hard in life but do not have ample money as your end goal. It is crucial to remember that one must be happier rather than just being rich. Do what is significant in your life rather than running after a tool that was just created to simplify transactions.
Understand its true importance- Money is absolutely necessary to live your life. It does give a sense of security for meeting the needs. But it should be the center around which your life revolves. Learn to be satisfied with what you have and always remember to count your blessings for all that you have achieved.
Differentiate between money and happiness- Most of us pursue money with the certainty that this money is going to help us acquire things that will give us happiness. While that may or may not be true, you need to understand that this happiness is short-lived and will be replaced in no time with more needs.
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