Why we are after Luxury

Dr. Purushothaman
November 14, 2021

Despite the widespread availability of goods and services, a large part of us pursues luxury. It may not seem to be of good value for money or logical, but people still prefer to spend thousands of luxury items and services. Why does that happen?

Why we are after Luxury?

  • Self-esteem- low self-esteem is a big factor that equips people to quash down any emotions and convinces the brain that the more expensive something is, the better is its quality.
  • Anxiety and acceptance-  We are social animals and many people have the notion that as soon as you have more than others, you are wanted and more accepted in society. Their anxiety of not being otherwise accepted keeps them after luxury.
  • Sense of accomplishment- this is yet another reason why some people run after luxury. They feel like rewarding themselves for their hard work. A luxury product can go a long way in providing a sense of accomplishment.

How to deal with this?

The constant run after luxury needs to be addressed urgently. It is remarkably stressful to live in a society where luxury has become a necessity to lead a good life. There is a need to focus on the more rational side of life. There are multiple dimensions of emotions that often affect the luxury consumer and there is a need to shape those. Luxury is good, but not always necessary. A material-rich lifestyle may cause a great deal to lower economic groups and there is a need to stop considering it as an inalienable right to have it.

Such painful emotions and experiences to keep us from getting out, meeting new people and having fun. And when you see a red flag trying to notify you that something is amiss in your life, seek help from a strong support system of friends, family or a therapist.

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