Why Stress Is a Mind Killer

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014

Stress is something which impairs your brain to think or act on something.there are some stress tough people.stress tough people usually thrive on stress and cope with pressure that would put the average person into tailspin.
Stress toughness is caused by "commitment", control and challenge.
Accept stress as a challenge and you will cope better with it.

Types of stress

There are two types of stress eustress and distress.
All stress is not negative.the word eustress has been coined to describe positive stress.eustress results from exhilarating experiences such as winning and achieving.

Distress is negative stress.

Under stress certain hormones are secreted which charge the body on full alert for a fight or flight response.its why we often feel tense and highly strung when under a lot of stress.stress weakens immune system and makes us vulnerable to infection.

Time Management

The inappropriate use of time often creates new stressors.learning to say "no" has been successful for many people.there is an inordinate amount of stress that comes with saying yes and then being worry.
According to "LUBERT"stress in the work environment isn't caused by things people can control,its caused mostly by the things they cant control.
"JOB INSECURITY" IS A MAJOR SOURCE OF STRESS.be free with your employees so that they get every piece of information to avoid rumor.
FEAR UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT CAUSES STRESS.it is not the occupation but the personal environment fit that is important.
Spring is a good time for meetings that encourage team building because there is a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning of the year.cold dark northern winters spawn lightlessness and depression.these conditions reverse themselves in spring.researchers say a trip even one as short as 4 days to warmer weather can give sufferers a much needed lift.
If you must have a meeting in the winter,a southern site can boost not only attendees morale but their effectiveness as well.
Seasonal effective syndrome (SAD)is caused during winters which causes laziness and restlessness.it can be cured by spending long hours in natural light.it can also be cured to some extent by sitting under a bright lamp.the closer the light is in color and temperature to natural sunlight,the better.
Keeping above things in mind,try to organize a meeting where people find it near to their destination.
The biggest mind killer is stress. Stress takes many forms and is not in itself necessarily bad. A low level of stress, for example, can actually be very beneficial for us. Low level stresses can pump us up and get us ready to go. This is what we call positive stress or U-stress. We can use it for motivation.
The mind killing kind of stress though, shuts us down through fear, anxiety, and anger and so on. By shutting us down it very effectively prevents us from having mental clarity.
Mind killing stresses prevent us from knowing what to do in order to be successful.
We’ve all seen this happen. Say, a friend is under pressure at work-- incredibly stressed about wanting to make a good impression and do a good job. As this stress accumulates, however, more mistakes are made. In the end, your friend does make a bad impression and does do a poor job. The very things your friend most dreaded, and most wished to avoid, came true.
Why is that?
It happened because stress shut down the higher thinking centers in the mindâ€"the centers that plan, execute and think clearly. When any of us are stressed, these vital mental functions are the very first things to go.
Stress takes over the mind and holds the potential of the mind hostage. That’s why stress is one of the biggest problems we have in the modern world.
Here’s another problem: stress not only shuts down the mind, it also does more damage--it shuts down the body, too.
If we want to master the key to a successful life, the first thing we need to do is open the doorways to our inner genius. We have to stimulate our minds so they grow into clear, calm, and focused minds. We have to make sure that the shutting down does not occur.
To do this, we have to tackle the problem of stress. We have to find ways to reduce and eliminate it because When we have a clear calm and focused mind we are virtually immune to stress. A clear, calm and focused mind is a protective shield against stress. Keeping our minds properly shielded from stress gives us access to success!
If our minds are properly protected from stress, then, no matter what life throws as us, we're always going to be ready for it. We will always have access to the resource inside that has the ability to not only make it through, but to shine as we do it!
The good news for you is...
If you come over to my website at:
the Stress Success module I have there contains a special recording designed to guide your mind and stimulate it gently. This allows your mind to grow into calmness and to develop that laser-like focus you need in order to access the inner genius.
As you listen to this, you will find that problems get solved easily and solutions come quickly; that your instincts get trained towards success and your luck increases just along with your health.
In short, you will find that your true potential can finally shine through.
In the Stress Success module, I will dive more deeply into the problem of stress and how it manifests itself.
You will also learn how to develop a protective shield that makes you virtually invulnerable to the damaging effects of stress. You will develop the ability to always have that clear, calm, focused mind you need for success. No matter what the situation is, you will always know exactly the right thing to do.
Thank you for reading this article. I really hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

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