Why Spirituality is Important in Today’s Life?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2019

‘Spiritual’, often used synonymously to describe the concepts of religion. However, contemporary it describes the inner life of an individual. To understand the importance of spirituality in our life, we need to understand its meaning.

Meaning of Spirituality

Spirituality is something that is related to the human spirit and soul. It is concerned with nothing physical or material things. Spirituality enables you to discover the essence of your well-being. It involves energies having higher dimensions. Spirituality is an experience. It tells you about the universe within you. Spirituality is a science which connects you to yourself, the present moment and to the sacred. Spirituality in life is something that goes beyond your mind.
A lot of people believe that spirituality is same as religion. So let us find out if that’s true

What is Religion?

Religion is a belief. It is your faith in worshiping the controlling powers. It is something, which one follows with great devotion.
Though religious worshiping gives you strength, religion also creates differences based on caste, creed etc. There is a thin line of difference between religion and spirituality and that is ‘freedom’. Unlike religion, spirituality does not create any differentiation. At some point, your soul will find religion like a prison.
When we are infants, we are close to nature and only feel the love of our near ones. We are unaware of any religion and live a free life. Gradually we grow to become an adult and get tied up in the clusters of religion and differences. The only thing that can get us back to nature is the spiritual awakening. Thus, spirituality starts, where religion ends.

Spiritual life

Spiritual awakening comes from within. By living a spiritual life, you will experience pleasantness. When there is a spiritual awakening, you feel like having discovered something new in your life. You will have many questions in your mind about your birth, life, death, etc. And you will be curious to find the answers to your questions. You will feel like spending time in solitude. During this phase, you will indulge yourself in thinking and analyzing things and gradually you will find answers to all your questions. You will become kind and affectionate towards other living beings.

Problems in Our Life

Just like a roller coaster ride, life comes with many ups and downs. There will be lots of problems in your life and you cannot avoid them. It might happen that you don’t succeed in reaching your goals, you are criticized for the things you do, you might have financial issues, health issues, your career might not give you the desired results, you might experience problems in your relationships with people, etc. Also, you might have ended number of fears in your mind like fear of interacting with new people, speaking in public, fear of height, fear of people, fear of losing someone or fear of death. There can be stress in your life, you might experience depression, or you might lose confidence in yourself or you might experience boredom and many more problems might pop into your life.

Solution to the Problems of Our Life

But life doesn’t stop anywhere. You need to find ways to overcome the difficult situations in your life. We live in a competitive world where everybody has to race against the time. Hardly anybody has time to solve one’s problems. In such a situation, you find wisdom in neglecting your problems and focusing on your tasks. Some people spend time on gadgets to overcome anxiety while some ultimately resort to drugs and alcohol or some may even think of ending their lives. This is where we go wrong. Neglecting problems or running away from them doesn’t put an end to your problems. In fact, your problems get accumulated day by day and one day you find yourself in a total mess.
Is there any way to avoid such situations? Relax! Rest your body for a while and close your eyes. You will have a calming effect on your mind. Once your mind is cool, you will be able to think and analyze your problems and you will automatically get your solutions. Allow your mind to relax for some time as it needs rest to function well.
Another way of overcoming these problems is by adopting spirituality in your life. Let us see how.

Adopting Spirituality in Life

Spirituality plays a vital role in our lives. It can bring about a positive change in your life too. You just need to make yourself understand the need of adopting spirituality in your life and the benefits of it. As we have already understood the theoretical meaning of spirituality, now lets us understand its applicability in our day to day life.

We live in a materialistic world. Hence, we are unable to nourish our soul. Spirituality is all about nourishing your soul and attaining inner peace. To achieve contentment in life, you need to walk the path of spirituality. For that, you need to be a grateful person. Unlike religion which teaches idol worship, spirituality will teach you to find God in living beings. But it also teaches to show gratitude to the creator of this universe. Always show respect and compassion for all the living beings around you. Be thankful. Find ways to help the needy. Always do good to others and you will feel good. You will experience a different kind of satisfaction.

While religion suggests you to pray for strength in tough times, spirituality suggests that you spend some time in solitude. Solitude will turn your mind away from your problems, at least for some time and you will only think of what new things you can do to make your life better. It will make you tougher.
Whatever you do, do it from your heart. Always strive for excellence and success will follow. Do what you love and always show love and respect for what you do and also for what others do. Your talents are your gifts. You either use them or lose them. Always strive to use and develop your talents.

Spiritual people pursue a healthy and positive lifestyle. Practicing yoga, tai chi, and other forms of exercises keep you fit and mentally healthy. Also, it develops a positivity within you. It calms your mind and you put you in a better position to take decisions.
Meditation is just a few minutes of activity, but brings a positive change in your life. You feel less stressed, get better sleep and you develop a better connection with your inner system. Connecting with your inner system keeps diseases at bay.

Importance of spirituality in life

  • Defines the purpose of your life
  • You may have various doubts in your mind about your birth, life, and death. Spirituality in life will give answers to all your questions. It will define you the purpose of your life. You will accept your life as it is and feel the contentment in everything that you have.

  • Improves physical and mental health
  • Spirituality connects you to your body and soul. You will understand your body in a better way and what it needs. Spirituality helps in developing an inner power. You will have a special connection with your soul. This will help you in combating illness. The inner powers will help you in fighting the diseases and infections, thus keeping your body disease-free. Even if you are sick, it will help you in recovering faster. Also, you will be mentally fit. Spirituality will promote a flow of positive thoughts in your mind. Thus keeping you at peace. Practicing yoga helps in lowering anxiety and stress and keeps you away from depression.

  • Anti-aging and adds grace
  • Spiritual powers will boost your confidence. It will energize your body and sharpen your mind. Such positive qualities will add grace to your body. You will have a natural glow of enlightenment on your face and you will look amazing.

  • Stick to your commitments
  • Spirituality will bring out the best person in you. You will be more caring and concerned about things around you. You will always experience a flow of positive thoughts in your mind. Positive thoughts will develop a ‘Yes, I can’ attitude within you and you will always perform well. This will help you to stick to all your commitments, whether personal or professional.

  • Self- realization
  • A spiritual person always thinks about his karma. Assessing your life will make you confess the truth about yourself. Some people are not keen on admitting their faults. But spirituality will make it easy for you to accept as well as correct your mistakes.

    Changing Our Mindset - Attitude and perception

    Changing perception about life is like changing the glasses through which you viewed the world. Acknowledging newer ideas are a part of developing towards a better life. Though it is difficult, it is not impossible. Adopting spirituality in life will guide you in acknowledging the right path and help you to overcome the dilemmas in your life.

    Spirituality will make you understand who you are and will help you to grow as a person. You will understand that life appeared something different to you at eighteen and now it is something different. It will make to realize that time changes everything and will refrain you from taking hasty decisions.

    Nobody likes criticism. But a spiritual person will consider critics as their well-wishers. Always learn about yourself and improve on yourself from criticism rather than being afraid of it. Spirituality will make you fearless. Everyone has the fear of death. Spirituality will make you understand the meaning of death and hence you will understand life. The best way to overcome the fear of death is to live your life to the best. Let death be your greatest motivation and do everything that you ever desired to do.

    Thus, in today’s world, it is a necessity that you find peace of mind, in fact, you deserve it. It is good to see the new generation accepting the path of spirituality having known its multiple positive benefits. Spiritual reading will inspire you to adopt spirituality in your life. You may also attend seminars or workshops which provide guidance on adopting spirituality in life. At Living In Wellbeing, we organize guidance sessions and workshops on Spirituality which will enrich your spiritual journey, thus making you strong enough to face the challenges of your life.

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