Why Science and Spirituality Should Go Hand-In-Hand ?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 22, 2019

At present, everybody is living a fast-paced life. There are huge developments taking place and you need to keep a track with all the recent developments to keep yourself updated with what is happening around you. There is rapid development in technology and people are becoming very much dependent on it. Science has proved to be a boon for mankind. Your lifestyle would have been stale without science. However, the modern lifestyle also has a negative impact on you which in turn makes you lose your connectivity with yourself and you tend to neglect the spiritual aspect of your life.

Now let’s look at the scientific as well as the spiritual view of life.

The Scientific View of Life

The scientific view of life is generally an objective view. It is based on facts. It is not influenced by interpretations or personal beliefs. It takes into account the external things and nothing related to personal feelings or thoughts. Scientific view in life will make you consider things in a detached, fact-based and impartial way.

A Spiritual View of Life

On the other hand, the spiritual view is a subjective view. Sensing your life is subjective. It is influenced by your thoughts, feelings, opinions, tastes, etc. Opinions are not based on facts, but depends on choices and experiences. Spirituality is your experience with your inner self. It makes you realize your purpose in life.
After having seen the two different views of life, let us see the impact of science on your life.

Role of Science in today’s life

Science has influenced almost all the activities of your life. It has improved human lives from personal comfort to global issues. The moment you get up in the morning till you go to bed at night, you are dependent only on science. Your cosmetic products, electrical appliances, vehicles, gadgets, etc. It is all science. You cannot imagine your life without it as it has made your life easier. Vast advancements in the field of medicine have increased the life expectancy and have reduced the mortality rate. Improvement in chemical fertilizers has increased the productivity of the farms. Communication and transportation have become simpler. Man is now able to explore space because of the developments in technology science.

However, it comes with disadvantages too. Too much dependence on machines has made us mechanical. You are becoming less sensible as you are losing on your natural talents and capacity to think. Also, the natural products which you used for your personal care are replaced by the chemical products which has in turn taken us away from nature. Apart from this, the fiendish weapons like a missile, nuclear bombs, etc. Have caused a threat to the world.
Despite so many developments taking place for the sake of making your life easier and better, you still have an endless list of problems on your table.

Present day Problems in Life

Life comes with ups and downs. There will be problems in your life which you cannot avoid. There can be problems relating to health, finance, relationships, career, etc. And you need to analyze them to find solutions. However, in your busy schedules, you are not able to give enough time to yourself to solve your own problems and they get accumulated day by day and one fine day you find yourself in a total mess.

These days it is common to see people, spending most of the time on gadgets to run away from their problems. Social networking is good, but it has negative impacts too. You exhibit your life and express your feelings on social media. You start judging yourself based on the number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ you get. In this process, you lose connectivity with yourself and find pleasure in material things. It is important to know what opinion you have about yourself than what others feel about you.

Nowadays, mostly both the parents are working and as we know, there is tremendous work pressure. They do not have time to spend with their children. On weekends, instead of spending time with them, they choose to take a rest by handing over them the gadgets for playing games or watching videos which is absolutely wrong. Gadgets cause distraction and children ruin their vision at a young age. Also, it hinders their mental development and creativity and the child will neither connect to self nor to the parents. The child will never be able to explore his/her potential.

Due to high work pressure and long working hours, even at the time of sickness, you need to stand on your toes to work. Hence, you rely on painkillers, even for a normal headache, fever or body pain. Though painkiller is an effective scientific invention giving immediate relief, it is not a good choice. You could be easily recovered after resting your body for a while, but still, you tend to choose the shortcut and make a bad choice.
Also, these days people prefer instant food to home cooked food. This is due to the lack of time to cook in your busy schedules. Science has made your life easier, but your mind should be educated enough to make the right choices.

Here, instead of labeling it as ‘disadvantages of science’ it would be more appropriate to call it as ‘misuse of science’. Science doesn’t come with demerits, but it is us who make the wrong choices. Science is a boon, but wrong choices and misuse can turn it to be a curse to mankind.
In order to make the right choices, it is very essential that we understand your mind.

Understanding your Mind

It is vital that you build a connection with yourself. For that, you need to understand your mind. For building a deep connection with your inner body, it is essential that you spare some time from your routine and spend it in solitude. Unless you have a connection with yourself, you cannot understand your body.

Lack of understanding your mind can complicate your life. It can make you think of questions like what is the purpose of your life. It can create too many confusions in your mind and can weaken your capability to take any decision. This can create stress in your life which can further lead to losing your confidence.

Once you are able to understand your mind and connect to your soul, you will understand your body in a better way rather than just mechanically going about. This will also help you in keeping the illnesses away.
You need to sit in peace for some time to ask yourself several questions like - ‘Am I doing the right thing? What is more important to me- my work or my family? For whom do I earn? Am I doing enough for the ones whom I love? Am I taking care of my body? Is success so important to me even at the cost of my principles and ethics? Am I utilizing the precious time wisely?.
The answer which is a combination of your mind and soul would be the best suited for you.
Thus, for living a better and a stress-free life, it is essential to understand your mind and to walk the path of spirituality.
Let us understand the role of spirituality in your life.

The Role of Spirituality in this Connection

Spirituality will help you to connect to yourself and know what you are and what you exactly want in your life. Spirituality will teach you to find peace and happiness in watching nature. It will make you more ethical and considerate towards other living beings.

When you feel like running away from your problems, spirituality will teach you to spend time in solitude instead of spending time on gadgets. If you are unwell, then it will make you connect to your inner body and you will understand what your body needs. If your body is tired, then your inner voice will ask you to keep the painkillers away and to just rest your body for a while.

Spirituality will guide you in making choices which will nourish your soul. At Living in Wellbeing, we organize various workshops and programs for adults as well as children to provide a guidance on understanding the concept of Spirituality which will enrich your spiritual journey, thus making you strong enough to face the challenges of your life
However, the role of science in our life is equally significant. If everyone combines the miraculous science with the power of spirituality, the world will be a beautiful place to live.

Science and Spirituality

Just as spirituality is essential for your well-being, science is equally important for your progress. Science shows you the objective aspect of life and spirituality shows you the one associated with emotions. Combining both can help you to strike a balance in your life. Science without heart is destruction, but when it is combined with compassion, it can be a blessing. Practicality in life along with the ability to accept whatever that comes in your way will make you live a sorted life.

To summarize, science and spirituality, both are significant in your life. Spirituality is the science of life. Just as there is technology outside your body, there is a technology within our body and you need to find a meeting point of both. Thus, science and spirituality should go hand in hand.

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