Why Leaders Must Have a Sense of Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


The issue of having a sense of purpose in life is an extremely critical variable in oneself personal and professional development. For years various, from various backgrounds, have studied the issues of a "sense of purpose" with the causes of what makes certain of us excel while other of us stagnate. This subject matter has been assessed, researched and written by: theology's, philosophers, management experts, the health professions and the list goes on. Why all the interest? Why though so much written about it we yet seem to know very little about it, i.e. the driving forces of developing a sense of purpose. And in spite all of the research on the issue of;"sense of purpose" studies also reveal to us that we indeed are posed with challenges that lead us to the fact that many of us in our world are functioning ambivalently without a "sense of purpose".
Let's take a further look and allow me to elaborate a bit more from the angle of identifying the issues that may be lacking a sense of purpose; therefore the possibility that one could be drawing perspectives of abnormal or abusive degrading personal habits. A report was recently revealed that America is indeed agonizing with the issue of obesity in this country. That, the American people are surely suffering from obesity. Issues of personal enhancement are issues people are searching for. In many of our communities we are experiencing a rapid growth of alcoholism and other drugs amongst youth. Challenges are being posed in many communities with hypertension, diabetes, domestic violence. Amongst a significant population in America there are challenges with the confidence to attain a higher standard of living from the residual effects of an economy that is need of a real overhaul.
OK, you must be saying by now; enough of the dismal picture Dr. Baiz. What advice do you have for us that can make things better holistic for the challenged person? In my view, quite honestly, one of the key and central elements for personal enhancement and professional success lies with the understanding of being clear on what is your sense of purpose in your world. What makes you happy and content, where can you be a contributing factor whereby your involvement is valued. Where can you find that spirit that will connect you to a higher power whereby gratefulness is acknowledge and thanks is deserved and what will it take to smile and whistle around with joy because you have been graciously granted another day of life.
Did you know that staying fit, exercising and eating certain foods will lift your endorphins and uplift your serotonin levels; these are two major factors that augment your physiological being. Finding a "sense of purpose" is not easy. It takes work, as change is a constant revelation so is our mental health. Our mental health will impede on your professional endeavor, they go hand in hand. The two must to be synchronized working together for that "sense of purpose".

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